About Us

Welcome to Talisman Trove. 

 A talisman is believed to provide protection and comfort to the wearer and their loved ones. They have many different personal meanings, unique to the individual. Talismans offer what we most desire; positive emotions, fertility, good luck, passion, connection, etc.

My mission is to create beautiful and powerful jewelry. I design all the jewelry and art in my store. Myself and my business partner hand make each piece individually. 

Find your talisman in our trove.

My jewelry also makes the most personal gift.

Order yours early for the special person in your life...Parent, Grandparent, Partner, Child or Friend. Choose something as extraordinary as your loved one.

Jewelry designed by me and made for you. Unique pieces that you will only find in the Talisman Trove.

Please feel free to have a look at my Etsy Store!

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